Dear LazyDay Publishing

Friday, July 16, 2010

It doesn't count if you take the "high road" in response to author questions on a forum, and then go neener neener on your blog (where you can delete any comments you don't like).

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Ann Bruce 12:04 PM  

Emily, did you get a screen shot of the blog post? It's been removed.

Emily Veinglory: 1:57 PM  

Hmm. No I didn;'t. While I assumed they would delete comments I actually didn't expect them to delete the post itself.

Mari 6:21 PM  

Quite frankly, they are very evasive on the forum thread as to their experience. I mean, if they have no publishing experience, why open an epublishing company. And who are these people? Who are the artists and editors they have? Very evasive.

Anonymous,  11:00 PM  

Google cache to the rescue. Because I read that post and well, let's just say I didn't think it cast them in the most professional light. Same with the AW forum. The only people who are cagey about questions are those with things to hide. Usually very big things...

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