Monday, July 26, 2010

If you think New Sensations has a patronising approach to promoting porn to women, you should see how this guy explains M/M to men.


marcus 9:37 PM  

Anything to put a decisive line between you and your audience, I guess. What an an asinine "interview." I wish I could churn things out so prolifically as those who seem to have such utter disregard for them do.

Angie 5:18 AM  

Sorry, but I thought it was great. :D It's hilarious, yes, and he's certainly being snarky. But there've always been plenty of authors in all genres who've written to pay the bills, not because they had a dream of publishing their Book Of The Heart. [shrug] So long as he does a good job and his readers get their money's worth, I don't see that his attitude matters much.

And if it looks like a couple of stereotypical macho-man types who'd let their nails be pulled out with hot pliers before they ever admitted to a buddy that they have any interest whatsoever in love or emotion or feelings, well, that's kind of hilarious too. :D In fact, it seems to me that the whole thing was written as a humor piece, rather than with the intention of giving serious information. It was supposed to be funny, and it succeeded in that. For me, at least -- your mileage obviously varied quite a lot. :)

Angie, who writes mostly mushy shit with just a little bit of hot sex [snicker]

Emily Veinglory: 8:15 PM  

No need to apologise. Online writing is a matter of taste. I am sure some people even don't like mine. (Phillistines)

marcus 12:02 PM  

I don't know. The notion of being so disdainful toward your subject matter and then pointing out that your audience just eats this shit up seems a bit uncouth to me.

Angie 2:30 PM  

Marcus -- I'd agree if I thought he was completely serious. I get the impression that this piece was done for laughs, though. I guess it depends how it comes across to you.


jenn 7:37 PM  

Yeah, that kinda summed it up nicely. lol

jenn 7:37 PM  
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jenn 7:38 PM  
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jenn 7:39 PM  

holy crap do gmail and blogger have issues with each other sometimes.

sorry for all the deletes.

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