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Monday, July 12, 2010

Safety Web is clearly capitalising (literally) on parental fears about what their kids are doing online.  Out of curiosity I put my own email address into the form.  Most of what came up was not great surprise and just a direct report of some of my social media presences.  But there does some to be at least one parameter that is not just a direct report.  I've pointed it out for y'all.

Your child ... likes homosexuality. (Collective surprised gasp).  But seriously, I wonder why this factor is quite so prominent on the report?  And what exactly does it have to do with keeping a kid safe?  I would be curious what other comments come up when people enter their email addresses.  So please let me know....


marcus 6:11 PM  

Ironically, all it had to say about me is that I'm male. Nothing at all about my likes or lack thereof.

Katrina Strauss 8:15 AM  

It culled my "likes" list directly from my MySpace profile:

"Likes yaoi, anime, manga, bishounen, bdsm, erotic romance, historical romance, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, cooking, reading, writing, gardening"

I'd find the above amusing, but it's not all that intricate of a process to cull something from a public profile.

I entered both of my teens' e-mails and am LOL because my 15-year-old daughter is apparently 21. I already know she fibs about her age to access some of the yaoi boards. Hey, at least she tells me these things. No mention of her liking homosexuality, yaoi, or anything else, however.

Angie 11:04 AM  

Since they're asking for money, I didn't sign up, but just on the home page it found... one account for me. [wry smile] I use this e-mail address all over the place -- I have five LJ accounts that bang off of it, one IJ, three JFs, a Blogger blog, a Photobucket account, two accounts in an online game (where a lot of kids play), and various accounts on forums for romance, gay issues, writing, computer games, and whatever all I'm forgetting right now.

It found my Photobucket account, and that's it. If I were a paranoid parent, I'd be unimpressed. Actually, I'm unimpressed anyway.


Amanda Young 1:47 PM  

I couldn't resist running my email through their search. According to them, I'm 101, live in Florida, and really like rock concerts. All wrong.

Anonymous,  10:24 AM  

yeah, it pulled up two hits for an email address I use all over the web, and missed the two accounts that come up on top of the google search for my screen name. Which in all fairness, I refuse to tell my mother, who isn't paranoide enough to care anyway.

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