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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Borders started last year delaying payments to small publishers, and is starting this year delaying payments to large publishers.  They are hemorrhaging money at an increasing rate.  This does not look good. Expect store closures.


The Wife 9:12 PM  

Oh, no! Please no! I love Borders. Between the Borders Rewards Program (awesome coupons and FREE, but even if you pay for Plus it's cheaper than B&N) and the Borders Bucks (I ADORE free stuff!), they're my absolutely favorite place to buy books. And when they sent me a damaged book in my last online order? They refunded me the full cost of the book (even though I only paid part of that because of a coupon), AND sent me the NEW book before I sent in my damaged copy. I got 2 books for the money they refunded me AND that refund went toward NEW Borders Bucks. Hm... Now that I think about it, perhaps that kind of stuff is WHY they are going under...

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