BandN ties ebooks to credit cards

Monday, December 03, 2012

One user reports that Barnes and Noble ebooks expire when your credit card does. Has anyone here experienced this issue?


G. B. Miller 5:12 PM  

No, but I've had battles with B&N over the fact that I had to pop in a c/c to buy e-books with a gift card.

Definitely something to look out for, and it will make me give serious consideration to using a pre-paid c/c as backup to the gift card.

ShellBell 6:19 PM  

If their system is anything like Fictionwise then you just need to update your account details with a valid credit card number. If necessary then redownload the eBook and use the valid credit card number to open the ebook.

Emily Veinglory 7:47 PM  

Well that doesn't sound overly arduous.

Seeley deBorn 9:53 AM  

I suspect this is more about them wanting to make sure they have your credit card info than anything. "want your books? give us your personal data, financial preferred"

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