Tuesday, August 08, 2006

3 questions + bonus

1. Where are you published?
Freya's Bower and upcoming publication with Forbidden Publications

2. How did you chooose your publisher(s)?
With Freya's Bower, I saw their call for submissions on the Absolute Write Paying Market's forum. I didn't know much about e-publishing, so it was my first submission to an erotic romance e-publisher. It was a completely random decision.

With Forbidden Publications, I took the same route as Jan Darby: entering a contest. I'm blanking on where I saw the call for submissions, but I found out that FP was having a contest for short story writers. At the time, FP was one of the new e-publishers, so I browsed their site for more info about them. They seemed professional, so I submitted a short story. I was one of 15 finalists, and my short story will be released sometime in the future.

3. What do you like best about your publisher(s)?
Freya's Bower has really good editors, and I learned a lot from them. They helped to bring out the best in my writing. I've also been impressed with their cover artists. Forbidden Publications hasn't released my story yet, but I've had some contact with their staff. Everyone there is friendly, professional, and open to questions.

With e-publishers, I like that I have immediate access to editors and staff members. If I have a question about something, I can just send an email and receive an answer within a day or two. Both e-publishers encourage questions and are eager to help new writers.

4. What are your publishing goal(s)?
Show me the money!! Seriously. I write in other genres, too. In general, my ultimate goal would be to land a deal with a print publisher. The big dream goal would be to be published with one of the big names. Whether I'm writing thriller, horror, or erotica, my ambitions are the same.

Kis Lee

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Stella Price said...

Im a FP authors as well, they have our Snakes series and our demon novel series. I chose them for both because of the covers, and how comfortable i felt with the publisher in general. Ill be honest, we have several publishers and i dont feel as at home with a few as i do with others. FP is a fantastic publisher... and so is our other home Pubby, Mardi Gras.