Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Details about a Revamped Publisher of Spanking Romances

This post is for everyone who has published an erotic romance story and/or a M/f spanking story--or, who has story-writing experience and is interesting in branching into the spanking story subgenre.

Discipline and Desire is changing. I can't say how yet, because I'm one of their authors and have a confidentiality agreement with them. However, they are looking for new authors and new stories.

How do I come into this? I receive a nice bonus for each new writer I refer after said writer sells three short stories to D&D. You make money, and I make money. :)

So--do you have some publishing credentials? Even one story is fine. Do you understand how to write a spanking story (or, have you written one)? It's not easy to make a spanking story sound genuine unless you have some familiarity with the genre--they are not exactly the same as BDSM stories.

D&D's set of requirements are quite specific on what is allowed or not allowed. Plus, the stories must be romances where the male is the dominant partner.

That said, the couple can be a new pairing, or an existing one trying spanking and domestic discipline for the first time. Stories can be contemporary, historical, etc. Endings should point toward a permanent committment (new couple) or a new, heightened sense of love and committment (existing couple).

I've been writing for the spanking story industry for eleven years, and I can assure you that D&D pays the most of any publisher I've ever worked with. Plus, they are pleasant people to work for. They respond to submissions promptly, and they pay very promptly, usually within three business days of accepting the story. These folks have the highest of ethics.

If you're interested, please contact me at barrieabalard @ Be sure to take the spaces out. I would love to find some new spanking authors for D&D, and also help you sell.

Barrie Abalard


Kis Lee said...

Thanks for the info. I've never written a spanking story, but I'll contact you if I have any ideas. :)

Barrie Abalard said...

Be glad to help, Kis, if you ever want to try your hand at it. :) They really are nice people to work for.