Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An Epublished Author and a Luddite walk into a bar...

Taken from an actual conversation I had with a family member --

Luddite: I heard you sold your first book. Congrats! So is it coming out in bookstores? Amazon?

Epublished Author: It's an e-published book. My publisher is an electronic publisher.

L: *blank stare*

EA: Meaning that my book will be published via internet and available for download from the epublisher's website.

L: *cocking head* So how do you read it?

EA: You go to the e-publisher's website, pay for it, download it, and read it on your computer.

L: But it's a book?

EA: Right. It's a book in electronic format.

L: Weird. What if I don't want to read it on my computer?

EA: Well, some people download onto a device called a reader. Or you can just download my e-book as a PDF and print it out.

L: So it's not really a book?

EA: It *is* a book. It's an e-book available over the internet.

L: So it's a book that you read on your computer. You can't hold it, and it's not really a book. So it's an e-book.

EA: *hanging head* Yeah, close enough.

L: I've never heard of that. Well, congrats anyway!

EA: Thanks. I think.


Anonymous said...

HAve you been following me around? Because I SWEAR I've had that same conversation about 20 times now!

My grandma, bless her, just can't get her head around the concept. She wants to hand over $2 in cash to Freya's Bower (she just doesn't trust using a credit card on the internet) and she wants them to send her a printed book. Of course, I'm not exactly telling her how to buy my ebook anyway, as I'm sure it would shock her, even though I'm in one of the least-graphic ratings.

Kis Lee said...

LOL. after my ebook came out, my friend called me and said: Can I just give you the $2 because I can't figure out what I'm supposed to download?

I don't think I'd want my grandma with her hands on my book. :)

veinglory said...

I am still a bit of a secret writer re: family. I wouldn't mind sending My Samahin POD to Mom, but the penname will quickly lead a net-svvy Momma to lots of other material ;)

Barrie Abalard said...

Kis, your post is priceless. I dare say every epubbed author has had this conversation! :-)



Sabrina Luna said...
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Sabrina Luna said...

I meant to say ..I can so relate! *sigh* Darn fingers won't work right :P