Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Fairy God Mentor"

I've recently exchanged emails with a writer who received a "revise and resubmit" answer from one of the epubs I write for. She asked me about a number of issues, and I gave her my opinions and recommendations. When she wrote back, she thanked me, calling me a "Fairy God Mentor".

I really like that phrase. And I'm really proud to be one.

All writers, at various stages of their careers, need a Fairy God Mentor. If you're fortunate, one appears. If not, well, maybe the next time you need help, someone will appear. If you've ever received help (and even if you haven't), consider becoming a Fairy God Mentor to a fledgling writer.

I don't pretend to have a lot of answers about the biz--heck, I couldn't tell you how to sell to a NY publisher, because I haven't done that yet. But I do have some valuable knowledge, and I like opportunities to share it.

Have you done that, shared your knowledge? Those who write for this blog do, every time they create an entry. Those who participate in writing loops and writing organizations do as well.

Think about the help and support you've received in the past from others, and look for opportunities to share. Become a Fairy God Mentor. Because, even though we compete for the same publishing slots with our submissions, we're all in this together.



Anonymous said...

That's a great phrase, great way of looking at what we do.

Kis Lee said...

I have a FGM, too! Couldn't have gotten into the erotica scene without him. :)

Tempest Knight said...

I agree. We all need mentors. Especially when we're starting. I'd be here without those who helped me along the way. :) So I'm glad I participated of the mentor's program at Romance Divas. It gave me the opportunity to grow and learn.

veinglory said...

Very true... and you writers out there who aren't a member fo this blog yet can join in and share your own insights just by sending me your email address by email or PM.