Monday, August 14, 2006

First official poll results....

Well, over 1000 posts have come in. Remember gals, only one vote each ;) And do keep in mind that this is a reflection of which publishers, actively or indirectly, motivated people to get out and vote. But perhaps that counts for something, eh?

Our top five are:
* eXtacy
* Changeling
* Mardis Gras
* Triskelion and
* Samhain

Interesting to see so many new publishers on the list! Are they inspiring their writers, new and old, more than the more established presses? Or just drawing in more novice writers who are still in the first flush of joy at being published? Let us know what you think....


Kis Lee said...

only 1 vote?? oops.

just kidding, emily. :)

veinglory said...

Heh, I have kept an eye on things and don't see much evidence of multiple voting--but it never hurts to remind people to play fair :)

Anonymous said...

Novice writers.