Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My turn to answer the three + 1

1. Where are you published?
Torquere Press and upcoming publication with Phaze

2. How did you chooose your publisher(s)?
I was directed to Torquere by Circlet Press. I entered one of their contests and the editor told me my story was too long, but that TQ took stories of that length and I should submit there… because I really could write. With Phaze I knew three other authors with books published through them. All are very happy with the press. Plus Phaze offers a chance for an e-book to go to print after a certain number of sales.

3. What do you like best about your publisher(s)?
Accessibility and partnership. We’re in it together. Because of the royalties sharing everyone works to bring forth the best book they can. They’re responsive to questions. They keep people informed of what is selling well so that you can target your writing.

4. What are your publishing goal(s)?
I want people to like what I write. I’m not intending to make a killing on this. But I’d love to get a fanlisting telling me how much they like Nicky/Brandon or the like. And if I didn’t write I’d go nuts… so I’m just glad someone pays me to do it.


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Kis Lee said...

If I didn't write, I'd be a very unhappy camper. Great answers.