Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Release: 'Roses in December' by Fiona Glass

J M Barrie once said, "God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December." My first ever novel, Roses in December, has just been published by Torquere Press.

The book is a novelisation of my short story Garden of Remembrance and tells the full story of the soldier, his lover, and the beautiful lost garden they discover together.

Blurb: "Recovering from an injury, British soldier Nat goes to Partington Towers, a quiet place in the country where his body and soul can heal. Fascinated by the elaborate Victorian gardens there, Nat goes exploring, finding some of the gardens' former glory still intact, and finding something even more interesting in Richie, a young man Nat can't help falling in love with.

The gardens are more special than even Nat realizes, and soon he finds himself outed to his unit, fighting to stay on as the gardens are sold to a conservation society, and in love with a man that died before he was born. Can Nat use the strange magic the gardens possess to find he and Richie a happy ending?"

Author Alexa Snow describes the novel as "fine literature, with delicately crafted writing shaped by the hand of a true master". Why not check it out for yourself, either on my website or from Torquere Press, and find out why Barrie's quote is so appropriate for this poignant love story.

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