Monday, August 07, 2006

Three Questions

Since we're going to be talking about the state of erotic romance publishing, it might help if we shared a little bit about our backgrounds, the stuff that qualifies us to talk about this business.

Just to get things rolling, I'll start with three basic questions (and answers).

1. Where are you published?
I (Jan Darby) am published with Liquid Silver Books,

2. How did you choose your publisher(s)?
I'm a little embarrased to admit how serendipitous my choice was, since I'm a firm believer in market research and logical decisions even in an artistic career. But, in fact, I entered a short story contest that Liquid Silver sponsored, hoping for some feedback, and surprised the heck out of myself when I was a finalist. Liquid Silver then asked me to expand the story into a novella for publication, and soon What Alice Wants was under contract. The decision to enter the contest wasn't entirely random, at least; I did research Liquid Silver before entering the contest, so I knew it was reputable and could provide me with the feedback I was looking for, and would be a good publisher if I ended up there.

3. What do you like best about your publisher(s)?
Liquid Silver has been great about three things, in particular. First, the people there are fun and enthusiastic and encouraging. Second, the publisher is working hard, for both herself and the authors, to stay in this business for the long run. And third, the art director, April Martinez, is brilliant, and creates or oversees covers that are the best in the industry.

Okay, who's next to answer these questions?



veinglory said...

I think that is exactly why contest, themes, shared-wrold series etc can be great for grabbing a writer's attention. I had a similar serendipitous [sp?] experience but we'll get to that when I post my answers ;)

Kis Lee said...

great questions! i'm working on my answers.