Saturday, September 16, 2006

Making Life Easier

As writers we’re always looking for nifty little tools to help our trade and make our lives easier. One of the problems I have is keeping up with submission calls. Half the time I don’t hear about them until it’s almost over and then I’m scrambling. This is in spite of having just about every press I want to write for bookmarked. You just can’t check them all often enough.

So in the vein of making my life less than insanity I found this nifty little tool: WebMon

It’s freeware (we like free) and so far it’s been easy to use. You open Page from the tool bar and click add and then enter the url of the page you want to monitor. It records the information and then prompts you for how often you want to check for changes (from every minute to once per month). On its appointed schedule it goes out, checks for changes and if website you’re watching has been updated you get a pop up notification on your desk top. One less thing in my life I have to worry about. Now I just need to find a virtual whip to make me write.


Anonymous said...

If you find that virtual whip, I want one too.

I'm too much of a slug at the moment even to do things that will make my writing life simpler!

Vincent Diamond said...

Great suggestion, James! I think I'll try it.