Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EREC Wants You!

Until now EREC has been largely a one woman show. However I would like to call for volunteers to create an EREC team to look after the different functions of the site as it develops. None of these jobs should be at all arduous and would be open to change as required. In return the members of the team would get my eternal thanks and a front page cover spot for their books, publisher or other writing activities.

The functions would be:
* Webmaster [Emily Veinglory]
To maintain and update the website, provide web-hosting and oversight
* Blogmaster [open]
To monitor the blog, read comments, delete spam and other inappropriate material and promote activity on the blog. To notify the Article Co-ordinator of blog posts that would make useful articles.
* Email Co-ordinator [open]
To monitor email at our new dedicated address, forward mail to the appropriate person and keep track of whether it has been actioned.
* Article Co-ordinator [open]
To solicite and receive articles of interest to our readers and make sure they are the right length and content before forwarding them to the webmaster.
* Survey Co-ordinator [open]
To receive reports about new erotic romance e-publishers, send out surveys and forward completed surveys to the webmaster.

Once this is all working I hope to finally start the actually publisher comparison site which will discuss different methods for selecting a publisher and relevant information (e.g. oldest, largest, most popular, by genre, by country, based on recommendations...)

I really hope some of you people out there are interested in increasing your involvement in EREC by filling one of these roles. I would also hope to have people on the team who represent different countries, ages, genres and roles--not only writers but editors, proofreaders, artists and other people involved in erotic romance e-publishing.

If you are interested just reply to this post or email me at veingloryATgmail.com


veinglory said...

Yay! I have two volunteers already. So two more and we're in business!

Vincent Diamond said...

I'd be interested in helping with the articles coordinator gig; it's similar to what I do in Real Life and I'm open to proofing material as well.

Hope this is helpful!


veinglory said...

Yay! Actaully that's just what I need. It's also a do as-and-when-you-want thing so you can fit it when you want.

So, only need one more--survey co-ordinator

veinglory said...

ETA: I always need proofing

veinglory said...

All positins filled! Expect to see some changes soon!

veinglory said...

(and better proofreading)