Monday, October 30, 2006

When you're all sexed out

After several productive weeks, I've hit the wall. I had a good run for a while. I've been co-writing a bunch of erotic short stories for an ongoing project. I've submitted a few stories to a new market and a few anthologies. Now I've hit that wall. I'm burned out. I don't want to write about sex anymore.

Don't get me wrong. I like writing about sex. Writing erotica is a lot more fun than writing business letters or marketing materials. Yet, writing erotica is still work. Sometimes I'm in a creative mood, and it doesn't take long to produce solid short stories. Some days aren't as easy. Some days I get sick of writing about sex. I wonder if all my sex scenes sound the same. I wonder if the story is any good. I wonder if I will run out of ideas.

When I hit the slump, I have several options:

* Take a break - If the words aren't flowing, I take a break from writing. I edit old stories. I research new markets and new calls for submission. I update my submissions chart. I gather and organize my receipts. The break helps me recoup before getting back to the grind.

* Forget sex - I write in other genres, mainly horror and crime fiction. When I'm sick of writing about hot, sweaty sex, I write bloody revenge tales and violent horror stories. Sometimes I'll grab my old notebook and attempt some poetry. Jumping between genres helps me fight the monotony of writing one type of story. When I return to erotica, I have more energy to write new stories.

* A different twist - With my new project, I've been dabbling in stories that blend comedy and erotica. Until recently I've never been into romantic comedies. I don't watch them, and I don't write them. Now I feel that a little humor can add a different twist to an old scenario. I'm also experimenting with new fetishes. I've written a few erotic spanking stories and BDSM stories. Exploring new niches makes the writing process fun.

Right now I'm not feeling the erotic vibe. I've been working on outlines for future stories, but I haven't been writing much. I'm not worried. I know that I'll get back in the mood. Eventually...


Stacia said...

I got this a month or two ago. I was just tired of it. Didn't want to write it.

So I started a project with less sex--but I admit, the sex scene is coming up and I'm feeling that old enthusiasm again!

Barrie Abalard said...

Hey Kis,

This happens to me periodically. I usually turn to my chick lit or my suspense writing.

And here I was, thinking it was only me who got tired of writing about sex! *grin*


Kis Lee said...

i was pretty sure i wasn't the only one. glad to find i'm in good company. :)

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