Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Bruised" and "Back in the Saddle" live on Amazon Shorts!

Amazon Shorts has released “Bruised” and “Back in the Saddle”, two highly-anticipated stories by gay romance author Vincent Diamond.

“Bruised” and “Back in the Saddle” are part of a series of stories Diamond has written about David Livingston, a veterinary student, and Marcus Denton, the owner of the thoroughbred farm in Ocala.

“Bruised” is David’s story and his realization that he’s falling for Marcus in a big way. After Marcus takes a tumble off a horse, David helps to patch him up and faces his own strong—and--confusing feelings.

“Back in the Saddle” focuses on Marcus’s inner conflict about letting himself feel again, after his previous lover’s death. When he gives in to David, the men share an emotional night, with consequences for both of them.

The two stories are included for the 49 cent download price.

Amazon Shorts is a new program that allows readers to purchase short works from authors with low risk. They’re available in various e-formats and can be printed by the customer.

Other stories in Diamond’s David and Marcus series are planned. Some that are currently available are:

“Still in the Gate” in the Play Ball anthology from Torquere Press.

“Horsing Around” online at Ruthie’s Club.

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