Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, gobble

That's what I plan to do today -- gobble down all sorts of tasty stuff.

First, though, I want to send good wishes to everyone who reads or writes this blog, with the hope that you all have lots to be thankful for.

As for me, I'm thankful for the best of friends, an editor who makes me laugh instead of cringe at changes, a publisher (Liquid Silver Books) who buys my stories and hires amazing artists for the covers, and the readers who make it possible for me to keep doing the work I love.

Now, get off your computer, everyone, and go gobble up whatever it is you crave.

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veinglory said...

Thanks to all our readers and to the new EREC Team who are helping move this site to the next level. Thanks to all my publishers and editors, and to my fellow writers who are always so supportive!