Sunday, November 26, 2006

[Market] Slash & Burn Anthology

Sybaritic Press invites Slash authors of all Fandoms to submit for:

Slash and Burn
An Erotic Anthology
Deadline: January 15th 2007
Release Date: April 2007

Sybaritic Press is committed to finding the best in undiscovered talent. We have had good luck in publishing talented slash fiction authors. Their books sell well online through and they are sold in prominent gay bookstores. We seek to discover more talent.

We will take short stories (10 to 20 pages as per our submission guidelines). Longer works will be considered if they are exceptional. Any fandom will be considered as long as it does not conflict with submission guidelines. For submission details, click on:

Sybaritic Press is offering our standard publishing contract and royalties which could be as much as tens of dollars in your pocket and free copies to impress your friends. We also hope it leads to publication of novels by the participants.

Please, send us your Fraser/RayK, or Mulder/whomever or Jack Sparrow/Aragorn, if that's possible. We will then help you convert the fan based prose into original prose. We will NOT be publishing the anthology with anyone else's copyrighted characters. We want your most sensual, scintillating prose by January 15th 2007.


Kis Lee said...

does anyone here write slash? i'm a bit confused on what exactly it means. how is it different from yaoi?

Amanda Young said...

Actually, I was kinda wondering the same thing myself. There are so many different subgenres out there that it's hard to keep up with what's what. :)

veinglory said...

Slash is the western equivalent of yaoi, often fanfiction based on popular TV shows, movies or books.