Monday, November 06, 2006

[MARKET] STARbooks Press

Superheroes Anthology
Edited by Eric Summers

What did Batman and Robin do in that cave? Was Superman really faster than a speeding bullet? Was Aquaman into water sports? Why did Captain Marvel say Shazaam? Sex-starved Superheroes are alive and horny at STARbooks Press.

Did you ever wonder why superheroes wear tights? Is it to make them more aerodynamic? Do they want you to know how excited they are to come to the rescue? Or is a one-piece garment easier to remove? For whatever reason, there is hardly anyone alive who has not fantasized about a superhero coming to the rescue and fulfilling his desires.

Starbooks press is seeking well-written stories that are erotic, not pornographic. They are interested in superheroes who are rewarded for their bravery, talents and skills. Some of them have extraordinary powers such as the ability to fly, run or swim at the speed of light, turn into fire, take on another form, be invisible, shrink or expand. Some have sidekicks, and some have fun with their comrades. Whatever makes them super finds its way into the bedroom.

Well-developed characters, plots, situations, settings, and internal consistency are what they're looking for. Humor is greatly appreciated as these characters are meant to have fun and enjoy themselves. They ask that you do not write about popular, known, or copyrighted comic book or television characters. Your superheroes must be your own, original creation. They also are open to accepting original art work or comics featuring gay superheroes. Feel free to query with questions to

Guidelines: Submit your query to in the body of an email - no attachments please. Include a short bio, your name, postal and e-mail addresses and a 5 paragraph excerpt of your story. Indicate whether or not your submission has been previously published and, if so, where and when.

Deadline: December 31 2006

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