Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sales Figures?

Erotic Romance Ebook writers, EREC wants to hear from you!

I am interested in developing anonymous information about sales figures for erotic romance books. With this in mind I am inviting authors to let me know how many copies they sell per book in the first month, year and in total--and the publisher that books is with. If you only have first month sales please send that along, you can update the data later.

Results would be posted on the EREC site as publisher averages, starting when I have figure for that publisher based on at least 5 books written by at least 3 different authors. Each contributor would be given a random letter code to identify themself if they want to update the data. But in my records no names would ever be listed, or stored in any place -- even my email inbox.

I know some author's prefer to keep this info totally private but a similar scheme seemed to work here: (see the 'Show me the Money' section). It seemed to me that with the many new and old epublishers in this genre it would be very useful to have estimated sales figures. This is a key piece of information for any writer when they are choosing which presses to submit to.

You can email me directly with questions or sales data -- veinglory AT with the subject line 'sales'.


veinglory said...

TW if you figures relate to a gay m/m or mmf please let me know.

romblogreader said...

Looking forward to seeing the results. :)