Saturday, November 25, 2006

What is an e-publisher?

It might seem like an obvious sort of thing but I really need some input. EREC is meant to cover erotic romance epublishers. Is an epublisher....

a) A publisher that produces only ebooks
b) A publisher that started out producing only ebooks but may have expanded into print editions
c) A publisher that focusses on ebooks but may also produce print books
d) Any publisher that produces each of their books in ebook form, even if they focus on print
e) Any publisher that produces at least some their books in ebook form, including major print presses.
f) I'm really confused or prefer an option other than one you list.

Please let me know!


Anonymous said...

I would think an e-publisher is someone who sells at least 90% of their books electronically. Why call yourself an e (for electronic) publisher if you're not going to focus mostly on e-books?

Vincent Diamond said...

I think C. A company that focuses on e-books but will expand to print when/if the numbers warrant the transition. Costs are so different with print than e-publication so it's a step a company has to make carefully.

I know Ellora's Cave started out e only, as did Torquere Press. Given that e-publishers are generally speedier to respond and can get a manuscript published and for sale in a matter of months, plus their royalty structure is more generous than print, no wonder a lot of authors are focusing on e-publishing.

Em, I would guess, that for purposes of your polling and whatnot, a company whose main focus is e, with some forays into print might work as your definition.

Or not. :)

Amanda Young said...

My definition of e-pubs is anyone who publishes books in e-format. Whether or not they print those books later on seems inconsequential to me.

veinglory said...

But what if they publish in print first, and then some books come out in ebook form much later on? I am looking specifically at whether to include publishers who came to eooks as a secondary format and are focussed on print....

Amanda Young said...

A lot of big mainstream pubs are releasing select titles in e-book format well after their original release. I don't think that should count. A true e-pub, IMO, releases all their books in e-format before print.

Lara Santiago said...

If it's not too late...could ask my epublisher her definition. :)
I write for Siren Publishing.
My definition is c.) on your list.
A publisher that focuses on ebooks but may also produce print books.

veinglory said...

I still haven't made a final decision on this so more input is very much welcome.