Friday, November 24, 2006

Winter Fantasies

Winter Fantasies Romance Writing Contest
for unpublished writers

Thinking about writing romance? Here's your chance to give it a try. Snuggle up on your couch this winter with your notepad and give your imagination a workout. Send us your best, polished piece for a chance to win ebooks, gift certificates and other goodies from your favourite authors.
This is just for fun. There will be no critiques of work. Send us what you’ve got and have fun with it. Works will be judged on enjoyment level, uniqueness, voice and character development. Each entry will receive their score sheet by email.

Deadline for entries is February 1st. See the website for the ever growing prize list, including ebooks from Ann Cory, Crystal Jordan, Jennah Sharpe and Anisa Damien. Send your entries to·Have fun with this!

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