Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Author Branding

Nope, I'm not talking about pulling out the cattle prod and having my way with my fellow authors, sorry to disappoint you. What I am talking about are those pithy little sayings authors use to identify themselves and their writing to the public.

A few good ones come to mind as I type this. There's T.A. Chase's, "No Boundaries", or Vivi Anna's "Igniting passion one page a time."

Though whether or not an author needs a good 'brand' remains a matter of opinion, I've decided to use the slogan, "Romance without inhibition." I chose this one because it would fit all the subgenres I write in, (contemporary, paranormal, amd m/m).

What do you think? Do authors need a brand, or are they optional only?


veinglory said...


I've never had one. One my website at the moment I have 'Write from the Heart', but I probably won't keep it.

Lara Santiago said...

I'm not up for a fire branding personally...but I do have a brand. :)

Mine is:
I agonized over the perfect words for a week. :)
I knew I'd have to keep it for a while so I picked carefully.
p.s. Emily...I like 'Write from the Heart' :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...something else i gotta think about.

i like emily's and lara's brands.

Anonymous said...

My website uses "because everyone deserves a little romance..."

Since I write m/m as well as m/f, it seems to fit.

I don't use it as a tag line since it's kind of long. I tried to come up with something shorter and snazzier but I haven't thought of anything yet.