Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How to Conjure a Man

How To Conjure A Man
by Nancy Lindquist

ISBN: 1-59998-242-0
Price: $4.50
Length: Category
Genre: Red Hot/Contemporary
Publication Date: December 12th, 2006

When all else fails, what’s a girl to do? Conjure your own man, of course!

Becky Blake is through with vibrators. Well, to be honest, her vibrator’s through with her. The damn thing actually conked out, mid-fantasy. Time for desperate measures. Armed with thirty pounds of candles and a spell created by her best friend and strip mall witch, she heads into the desert to conjure a man.

It’s freezing, dark and more than a little creepy. On top of that there’s a coyote hanging around howling loud enough to scare her to bits. Please, let this spell work.

Rick Frazier’s done with manipulative women. His ex-wife is bleeding him dry. His wallet is almost as hungry as he is. It’s time to get a second job, as a bartender at ‘The Buckin’ Bronco All Male Review’. At least it will pay the bills until he sells his software program.

Back in the real world of work and lonely routine, Becky has nothing to show for her desert efforts except an erotic dream that leaves her more frustrated than fulfilled. That is until her new employee shows up. It doesn’t take long to put two and two together. Rick, her new bartender, is the man she conjured in the desert.

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Already having had the pleasure of reading this book, I can honestly say it's a great one. Full of humor and Nancy's own personal brand of steamy lovin' Conjure is a must read. :)


veinglory said...

I was just in my local (small lown) Borders and saw eight Smahain titles in the romance section -- so it looks like they *are* getting those titles on the shelves!

Amanda Young said...

It's the same here. I think there are more EC, NCP, and Samhain books on the romance shelf in my local Waldenbooks (there's no Borders here)than there are any of the big press trade paperbacks. It's pretty cool. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun read. Congrats to Nancy!

darling said...

Ohhh if only it were that easy! :) lol

Its on my list!