Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not Living Without

I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I'd love to hear your stories.

When I'm creating my characters, I usually fall back on a few sage bits of advice given to me by my parents when I was a teenager. I remember my mother saying, "don't wait for someone you can live with, wait for someone you can't live without." I don't know if she heard that somewhere or not but I like to think she made it up. It certainly helped in my husband searching, as I found my guy and married him by the time I was 21. I knew what I was looking for. He likes to use that to feed his ego ;) This advice feeds every relationship in my books.
Then there is my father who told me, "all the baubles and sequins in the world can't compete with sheer elegance." How's that for poetic. That came out during a discussion of prom dresses. Needless to say, I went with elegance and didn't spend too much time against the wall. I tend to give my heroines the gift of elegance when I can.
So, who gave you the most memorable bits of advice? How do you use them? Did you follow them?


veinglory said...

My mother was not one for much pithy advice. When I didn't get something I wanted she would sometimes quote her Irish grandmother who would on these occassions, I am told, just shake her head and say 'God just didn't mean for it to happen.' I'm not religious but when I get a rejection letter I still think of this and it seems to help.

Anonymous said...

My dad. Not exactly romantical advice, but he always told me, "Never carry more than you can drop all at one time."

Oh, and "Mind that you don't bump your head on that," usually just after I bumped my head.

A wise, wise guy. I mean man.

Cole Reising said...

Wow - this is really good! And thought provoking... it reminded me of my grandfather. He once said to me that the most beautiful woman he'd ever known,(this was during a discussion on my starting to wear makeup - and I was wearing that hideously popular bright purple eye shadow *grin* ) well, this woman never wore makeup. At the time, I thought, yeah, whatever. But the words, place, time and even the smells from that moment have stuck with me. And a sense of awe. Now obviously my grandfather was trying to get me out of that purple stuff, but there was truth in his eyes and words which struck a cord with me and that is something I've tried to always remember in life... and when creating my characters as well.

Great post!