Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Prompt: If I knew then...

We here at EREC would love to hear a bit more from you! With that in mind I thought I would post a few questions for erotic romance writers (and aspiring writers). The first is: is there anything you now know about writing for e-publishers, that you really wish you'd known earlier? Any tips and trick that worked really well--or hideous mistakes you wish you could have avoided? Anything that helped you in your writing, editing, working with publishers or promoting--or any other part of the process.

Please share your top tip with the rest of us. Any length is fine, one line or an essay ;) If you have blog access please just post away--otherwise email your tip to us at ERECmail at along with a short bio (including up to one picture and one link). If you would to become an EREC blogger just email the same address with your email and a link to your home page so we can see you are involved in erotic romance writing or publishing :)
(p.s. there's no particular reason for the picture, I just think it's cute)

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