Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Collection of anonymous sales figures continues. Currently I have data relating to 39 books. Mean data suggest that the average ebook sells 81 copies in the first month, and 320 in the first year. But I could really use a better sample so that I can break these figures down more. I continue to hear reports of ebooks selling in the single figures. So please look in yout databases and royalty reports and let me know any of the following information for each book you have published: 1) the publisher, 2) copies sold in the first month, 3) copies sold in the first year, 4) total copies sold to date or 5) total copies sold (to end of contract). Please note: the data need not be complete and all information submitted will be treated with strict confidentially and seen only by myself (Emily Veinglory, veinglory AT

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