Thursday, January 25, 2007

PROMO: Grave Heart

My installment in the Collector Series has been receiving some great reviews. Grave Heart [M/M] is a stand alone novella--but part of a line of books inspired by the mysterious figure of 'The Collector' who is on a quest to track down a number of mysterious magical items.

Tammy at Fallen Angel Reviews gives Grave Heart 5/5 and writes: "Author Emily Veinglory has done a great job in creating this homoerotic love story with fascinating characters that tug on the heart strings of readers".

Forst at Two lips Reviews writes: "Grave Heart is a marvelous approach to the paranormal romance, weaving sufficient mystery and plot twists into the story to keep every reader interested."

Annie Deb from JERR writes: "Ms. Veinglory is a very talented writer and she brings us a story with a sizzling plot."

Water Nymph from Literary Nymphs writes: "Ms. Veinglory tells a well detailed and emotionally intense tale of sexual lust, passion and love that will keep the reader fascinated by the possible outcome."


Amanda Young said...

Congrats on your release, Em.

veinglory said...

Thanks! The Collector series is an interesting initiative started by the authors. It does seem to be attracting some reader interest...

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on the great reviews!