Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Link Me, Baby

I am updating the blog to match the upcoming website redesign. I hope you like the new look. Please let me know if anything looks funny or there are broken links :(

If you are a blog member, or an erotic romance writer, please drop me the link to your blog so I can add you. Reciprocal links appreciated.


Anne D said...

I'll post up a link :)


veinglory said...

I've added you :)

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

I'll post a link too.

veinglory said...

I've added you Annalee. :)

Missy Sue said...

I'd love to link to you! I will be adding your link to my site here shortly....mine is

Thank you!

veinglory said...

Thank *you* :)

Kathleen Scott/MK Mancos said...

My personal blog is:

and my website, if you want to link that as well, is

Thanks a bunch

Kat from Romance Divas