Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Things that Matter :)

This is a question for all you ebook authors. What small things does your publisher do that makes your life easier? What little touches do you find with one publisher that the others might like to add?

I will start by mentioning that Loose Id provides very clear, regular royalty statements. I particularly appreciate that they report cumulative sales by title and distributor which helps me keep my figures straight--and means I can fill in gaps when I lose a statement and always know what I have sold and what payment is due.


Jules Jones said...

Loose Id's royalty statements are the thing that I'd mention as well. Very clear, very detailed, and on time. And if they're not going to be on time (because all the staff are at a major romance con so the statements will be a few days late), they let us know.

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

I was spooked from epublishing for several reasons, and among them was Fear Of Not Enough Sex.

I didn't think BONDS was sexy enough for Liquid Silver's line. I'd geared myself up to hear "add more sex." I even confessed to the fear and expressed my willingness to add more sex, even though I wasn't sure how I could do it. I wanted to be published. I was willing to do what I had to do.

The editors at LSB told me to write to my voice, not to the market. I took a huge deep breath after that, and it's turned out to be a fabulous experience.

Thanks, Kate. Thanks, Tina.

Anonymous said...

Is "Specrom Joyce" Joyce Ellen Armond?

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

"Is "Specrom Joyce" Joyce Ellen Armond?"

That's me baby: Editor of Speculative Romance Online and author of BONDS OF DARKNESS.

Kis Lee said...

i like LSB's royalty statements. i also like their cover artists ask for feedback from their writers. i felt involved in creating the cover. when i received the first draft, i really wasn't feeling it. the artist didn't have any problem with adjusting the artwork.

my editor at LSB gets MAJOR props. her comments ewre always on the money. kathy and april both rock the casbah.

at Discipline and Desire, they pay with lightning speed. my writer friend has had some problems with getting paid for his work. i really appreciate people like Reesa who are always on the ball. it's all about respect and professional courtesy.