Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mrs Giggles, Promoting Ebooks and Moist Thongs

In a recent post book maven Mrs Giggles really hits the mark in saying a great many things about effective ebook promotion, including:

"I don't read ebook reviews on other websites [...with exceptions...] because the reviews on those websites are pretty much fluff. Can I say that they are fluff, because honestly now, they are. All those reviews with "five stars", "five roses", "five moist thongs", or whatever they use on those websites as grading objects are meaningless to me because most of these reviews are nothing more than a paragraph or two of plot summary and a closing paragraph urging me to buy those books."

I highly recommend reading her full post.

See the Absolute Write forun post I believe is being referenced at the beginning of the article here.


veinglory said...

Um, maybe that title needs a comma.

Kis Lee said...

thanks for posting this link!

Anonymous said...

Well most reviews are kind of fluffy but they do offer another good outline of what the book is about. When I am looking for erotic ebooks I look at the excerpt and if ever offered I like to read real reader comments. Still bad reviews will not sway me away from buying if the concept of the story has intrigued me. But bad writing will!