Saturday, February 24, 2007

Never Buy a Magic Wand Over the Internet

Those of you not living under rocks have probably heard about Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry Potter) appearing in the British stage play Equus, which includes nude scenes. There has been a stunning lack of even blurry cellphone pics of what Mrs Giggles referred to the the "magic wand" out there in the blogverse. But to tide us over Nightcharm have publicised one of the first semi-convincing fakes (warning, this link leads to a picture of chimeric nekkidity).


Kis Lee said...

i've never watched any of the Harry Potters, but those pics (even the butt pics) disturb me. maybe i'm just a prude.

veinglory said...

and maybe it's time people discover uses for the internet other than looking at nekkid butts? :)

Stacia said...

It's not real. I was there; I've seen the real thing.