Tuesday, February 27, 2007

[OH NO! PROMO] King of Dragons, King of Men -- by Emily Veinglory

Title: King of Dragons, King of Men
Author: Emily Veinglory
Publication Date: 27th February, 2007 (today)
Publisher: Samhain (purchase from publisher)
Format: ebook -- paperback version coming later this year
Price: $5.50 -- $4.95 for a limited period!

What can I say. At over 70,000 words this is the longest book I have written so far, you know how I love novellas. It is also me just writing something I wanted to write. Of course that might have been my first mistake. A sweet MMF, emphasis on the MM. What? you say, MMF but not erotica? That was the story that came to me--I sent it out into the world and hoped for the best.

William's late father was a knight, a disgraced knight who eloped with the king's mistress. Orphaned young, William wanted nothing more than to be a knight like his father and nothing, not his childhood lover Allen or his arranged wife, is going to get in his way. KODKOM is a tale of battles, deals with the devil, imprisonment, court intrigue and the release of mythical dragons--love, lust, angst, deceit, magic, romance and finally a happy ending when one man learns to accept true love no matter where he finds it.


Joyce Ellen Armond said...

Sooooooooo hooked by the idea of a story exploring the emotional implications of non-traditional romance, instead of just exploring the permutations of the plumbing. It's in my TBR. :)

veinglory said...

(waiting nervously)

It's funny, I want people to read my books but as soon as someone says they will I am afraid they'll hat it.

I never did develop the trademarked author's teflon ego. :)

Anne D said...

This is the one buy for me from Samhain this week :)

Maybe I'll review it for my blog after?

veinglory said...


I am waiting for my first review. As this is different in content, style etc from my usual stuff I have no idea what to expect in terms of reviews, feedback (or sales)

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

It's not a review, but cut me a break I just finished. Can you hear the applause?

Really just such an overall gem. The fantasy voice, the court intrigue and most especially the characters. Lovely, lovely, lovely!