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[REVIEW] Satsumi Takaguchi -- Shout Out Loud! (Sakende Yaruze!) volume 1

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I've been reading yaoi manga... Here's my review for Amazon.

Shout out Loud!, Volume 1First of what is apparently a five volume series. The first three parts are now available in English translation; the remaining two parts are scheduled for release in April and August.

Orphaned 17-year-old Nakaya goes looking for long-last father, expecting to find a burnt-out salaryman, and instead gets a baby-faced 33-year-old who makes a living as an anime voice actor. Finding himself with an unexpected son to support just as his current series is finishing, Shino tells his agency he'll take any job. What he gets offered is roles in boys love audio dramas -- and as becomes clear to the reader and eventually Nakaya, but not (yet) Shino, two of Shino's co-workers are gay and have the hots for Shino.

There's a good story in this book; the primary focus in the first volume is father and son getting to know each other (no, not in that way). Nakaya's mother fell pregnant when she and Shino were teenagers, and she chose to leave Shino to stop him sacrificing his education to look after them. Now they have to build a relationship, at a time when both are grieving, and Nakaya is having to make decisions about his own education. It doesn't help that Nakaya's grandmother has never forgiven Shino for getting her daughter pregnant, and doesn't want Nakaya living with Shino.

Along with this, there's a look at the voice acting industry, and Shino's developing relationships with two of his fellow actors -- platonic on Shino's side, but not on theirs. And then there's Nakaya's teacher, who is also gay and has a thing for nice voices...

The erotic content in this volume is mostly in the scripts Shino and his colleagues are working on, though there's one very nice kiss. If you're looking for hardcore you'll be disappointed, but fans of UST should enjoy this one.

The cover's a bit disappointing, but don't let that put you off, as the interior art is much more attractive. Note that it's a lot less bishounen in style than many (which matches my own preferences).

I liked this a lot. There's an interesting story with relationships that develop over time, there's a lot of gentle humour, it's nicely drawn, and the guys are hot.

Shout out Loud!, Volume 1
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