Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Sales Figure Project

Hi all!

I continue to encourage writers to email me ( confidentially with sales figures for erotic romance ebooks. I am particularly interested, at this time, in hearing about sales at Mardis Gras and Triskelion.

All I need to get started is first month sales--where available also first year, total to date, and sales to the end of the contract (for each book, by publisher). All figures are strictly anonymous and no names are stored in the database.

So far only a few figures are posted because although I have data for over fifty books I only post the average figures for each publisher when I have a minimum of five books by a minimum of three different authors.

I am also tracking overall average figures which will be calculated over the last 100 books reported. These give some idea of typical sales in this genre regardless of publisher--shown below. If the industry is going well (from the writer's point of view) these should be going onward and upward!

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