Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What People Want...?

Having suggested that erotic romance writers need to look beyond the standard themes I thought I would look around the blogverse for pleas, hints and incitements to meet unsatisfied reading needs. Please pipe up to agree, disagree or add your own:

"I love, love, LOVE married characters stories." -- Sharon at the WriteMinded Blog

"What is it about romance that excludes athletes? They’re our everyday heroes, the men who drive in the winning run, throw the winning pass, make that basket or goal when their team is depending on them. [...] Anyone else interested in seeing more hunky guys swinging bats in their romances?" -- Amy Garvey on RomancingtheBlog

"One thing that continually frustrates me in romance is the lack of heroines over a certain age - and when you do get a heroine over 30 or even more rarely 40, she’s often a stereotype." -- Lauren Dane

"I love me a romance which is also a horse story" -- Bronwyn Jameson

"No, I'm not kidding when I say we need more sex in romantic eroticas" -- Mrs Giggles


Anonymous said...

I would like to see more full figured women and women in their late 20's to mid thirties. I don't like the sterotypes in chick lit where the woman buys tons of shoes. I like stories where the average girl gets the guy like in Circle of Friends, Love Actually, or Hairspray. Women who are intelligent, funny, strong! The books that I continually go back to and read have these qualities.

veinglory said...

I like the idea of married characters too. But them I am old enough to have watched Hart to Hart

Anonymous said...

A friend who critted The Syndicate said she liked it because it was basically porn about a happy marriage, and there isn't enough such porn.

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

Since you in part inspired this...

"You as the author may be caught up in the writing-the-sex act. But boiled down, whether you are writing about the heroine having sex or kicking ass or solving a riddle, you are always WRITING ABOUT CHARACTER. Everyone knows what it's like to have sex. (Even people who haven't had sex have a set of concrete expectations.) Readers want to know how it is for the heroine or hero or even villain to have sex.

Really, just give me character.