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[ARTICLE] The Erotica Writer’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Bio--Part 1 of 2 (by Roxanne Rhoads)

All of you out there, please bear in mind that EREC is always interested in receiving reprints on topics of interest to erotic romance writers. This is the first in a two part post on writing Bios, by Roxanne Rhoads. The article will be archived on our main site. If you have any advice to add, please comment :)

Every writer needs a biography. Yet many find writing a bio about themselves to be the hardest assignment they ever get handed. A bio is a little piece of writing that introduces you to the world. It gives a summary of you as a writer. Your bio can sometimes make or break you. When used properly, it is a tool you can use to sell yourself and your writing. You should make it stand out. It should make you sound interesting and credible to potential editors, publishers and readers. An erotica writer’s bio should be a little different than that of a regular writer. Not only do you want your biography to do all the normal work a bio must do, but you also want it to be a little sexy and sultry, just like your writing.

The basics for writing a great biography include: writing about yourself in third person, start out by listing your full name then only refer to yourself by first name or a pronoun, immediately state that you are a writer and mention your area specialty, your genre or your niche if you have one, brag about your accomplishments and awards. If you have a wide range of writing credits briefly sum them up such as she writes articles, essays, fiction and web content and briefly list some of the places your work has appeared. If you do not have a lot of writing credits or even if you do, you can list areas you specialize in or are an expert in; a degree in psychology or astrophysics, black belt in karate, 20 years experience as a scuba diver, etc. You can also mention your interests and hobbies like art, jewelry making, pottery, etc.

If you write under a pen name or several different names you do not want to confuse or overlap your credits from one name to another. Each name you write under should have its own unique biography. Say you’ve published books under name X but this bio is for name Y, you don’t want to mention those books or anything about name X. It defeats the purpose of writing under a pen name. I write everything from articles to web content, essays, fiction, and poetry. I write on topics from alternative medicine, children’s topics and issues to porn and other sexual related topics but I write under several different names and I keep everything separate, especially the sex stuff. All my sexual content whether fiction or non fiction is written under the name Roxanne Rhoads.

Those that write erotica often use a pen name for sometimes obvious or maybe not so obvious reasons. Some reasons may be you don’t want the other members of the PTA or your church group to know you write steamy sex stories or maybe your ex might try to use it against you when it comes to a custody battle. Just keep your names separate, this includes any clubs or organizations you belong to. Don’t list them unless you belong to them under the name or pen name you are using. Not only can that confuse things, if anyone does any checking up on you it can make you look like a liar. be continued on Saturday.

Article provided by: Roxanne Rhoads, author of Renata the Vampire Hunter

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