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[ARTICLE] The Erotica Writer’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Bio--Part 1 of 2 (by Roxanne Rhoads)

The concluding part of an article started here. Please let me know if the information in this article was helpful, and other topics you would like to see covered.

You can mention in your bio your location (don’t get too specific you don’t want any crazies tracking you down), family, pets, etc but as an erotica author you want to be really cautious in this area. You want to sound like a real person and connect with your readers but you also want to sound sexy and erotic, give them a reason to want to read sexy stories by you. Erotica is in the realms of fantasy and many readers want the writers to be just as fantastic as the worlds and characters they create. Readers may get turned off by knowing you are a stay at home mom of 4 or a bald middle aged man that hasn’t actually gotten laid in years. It may ruin the fantasy for them. That is what you don’t want to do. Your bio should draw them in and entice them to read your work and more importantly, to buy it and want more from you.

You can create a whole new persona or alter ego for your erotica author pen name or you can just stretch the truth in some areas and omit things in other areas. You might want to omit that you are married and have children or just omit that you have children. You may want to make your world sound a little more exciting or adventurous by listing exotic places you’ve traveled to. You can just make yourself sound sexy by saying you get in the mood to write by sipping red wine and draping yourself in decadent lingerie. No one has to know you really sit in front of the computer in sweats after the kids and husband have went to school or work, or in my case to bed because I am a night writer. The erotica author’s bio should be sexy, seductive and maybe even a little mysterious.

Save your bio and use it whenever and wherever possible. You can always modify it to fit your needs, make it shorter, revise it, add to it as you get more or better writing credits. If you have a website or blog make sure to include that in your bio so readers can always stay up to date on where to find your work. My bio is a masterpiece in progress. I’m always tweaking it, changing it and adding to it. It will never be a completed piece, at least not until I’m long gone from this world. That’s how the writer’s bio should be. Always be ready to change and modify, don’t ever get too attached to what’s there because it may change very quickly.

I hope this helps any of those out there who were before clueless on how to write the perfect bio.

Article provided by: Roxanne Rhoads, author of Renata the Vampire Hunter

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