Thursday, March 01, 2007

Behind the Cover: Mark of the Beast

In the first of a new intermittent series I am asking authors to let me know what influence the have had on their covers and how their requests were met by the artist. To see what they asked for and what they got. Our first volunteer is Tawny Taylor, author of Mark of the Beast (Ellora's Cave).

Book: Mark of the Beast
Genre: Genre: shapeshifter erotic romance with a significant suspense subplot (MF)
Author’s Description of the cover: I’d like to suggest “cool” colors for the cover. Perhaps a monochromatic color scheme could be used? There is an element of genetics. Symbols from medical research, for example, a double helix, in some inconspicuous place would be appropriate. Because the stories following this one will be very tightly connected, I’d like for this cover to have a theme that can be carried to the next covers. (Note: the second book, Touch of the Beast does indeed have a similar look)

The website doesn't seem to say who the artist was, perhaps Tawny can let us know? I think he or she did an excellent job of responding to the brief.


Kappa no He said...

I just looked at the "Touch of the Beast" page. Men who turn into bears! One of my favorite movies is a Russian flick called "The Bear's Kiss". Men who turn into bears is one of my secret fantasies!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Kappa No He, I don't fantasise about men turning into bears, but I *do* fantasise about beautiful book covers. I don't read boks for their covers, but I do keep books wiht lovely covers out of my bookshelves for longer. I really love that one. My favourite-of-the-last-year, though is "The Arrival", by Shaun Tan - the author is an artist and so the cover perfectly reflects the book.

Tawny Taylor said...

Hi folks! I'm fairly certain Syneca is the cover artist for this series. She does amazing work. Absolutely beautiful. I was thrilled when I saw this cover for the first time. It was what I'd imagined, only better.

And Kappa, I've never seen that movie. I'm going to have to check it out!

Talia said...

Hmmm verrrrrrrrrrry sexy cover;not so sure about the bear thing.

Anne D said...

I think the artist did a good job.

From this cover I get man, DNA, medicine (the Da Vinci drawing in the background)

From there I would extrapolate - Sexy man, manipulated genetics and therefore most likely a shifter story where the shifters were 'made' versus born.

Anywhere close?

Anne D said...

PS I hope folks like bears, I'm working on a comedy involving a were-bear...don't make me change it now, hubby has already told me I can't have a were panther, jaguar and bobcat all in the same sentance :D

veinglory said...

If any authors want to do a "behind the cover" please just emal a link to your book and a description of what your asked for in a cover--ideally quoted from a cover request form or mail :)