Monday, March 05, 2007

Blatant self promotion :)

Something More
By Amanda Young
Available March 6th at Loose ID

Paul knows his lover, Will, is in love with someone else. A woman named Emma, who Paul himself is inexplicably attracted to. When he formulates a plan to bring the three of them together, will they accept, or let doubts and insecurities keep them apart?

For years, Will O’Malley has harbored clandestine feelings for Emma Taylor, despite the abiding love he feels for Paul Argonaut, his lover for the past two years. Watching her from afar, but loath to approach her as anything more than a friend, tests Wills control on a daily basis until he finds he’s no longer able to deny the kaleidoscope of feelings she evokes within him.

Paul is aware of Will’s feelings for Emma and shares his affection for her. He comes to realize that unless he makes the first move, Will won’t ever let her know how he truly feels. If the three of them are to be brought together, it will be up to him to facilitate it.

Emma Taylor has been in love with Will for as long as she can remember. The problem: he’s her boss, and is obviously smitten with his lover, Paul. The last thing she expects, after walking in on Paul and Will making love, is to be invited into a ménage by Paul himself.

As they delve into their new relationship, misunderstandings and hurt feelings abound, resulting in a disastrous car accident that will test the fragile bonds the three lovers have only just begun to build.


veinglory said...

Interesting synopsis but just looking at that coset makes me feel short of breath!

Amanda Young said...

LMAO. I'm with you there, EM. I couldn't squeeze into one of those no matter how nice they look. :)