Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Google Analytics--Google Fu

Those of you who have websites may already know the dubious joys of sifting through visitor statistics. I used to be a big fan of Statcounter for this but now must admit to having become a good Google-borg and using Google Analytics. If anyone knows a good plain English guide to this heaping pile of data please let me know.

A lot of it is less than totally surprising. I mean people who come to this site via a search engine tend to be looking for 1) erotic/a 2) romance/romantic 3) stories and 4) e-books. (It must also be noted that there are people out there looking for some of you guys, especially--Anne Douglas and Amanda Young).

A lot of visitors stay less than ten seconds (this is not the blog you seek) but another big group are in the 3-6 minutes range and they tend to spend it reading the blog although the publisher list is also popular.

One thing that vexes me is that the obsolete blog has a great google rank on the top keywords despite now being nothing but a redirect page. Yet this blog (yes, this one here) is still listed somewhere on page eleventy-million--despite having the same content and more, and all the current activity. Does anyone with a greater mastery of Google Fu know why? No doubt (as the disembodied voice of my mother is saying) I just need to learn to be more patient.

Edited to add: Other stat gathering methods -- icerocket, sitemeter.

p.s. Pet Meme entries: cat (2), dog (1), other (0). I will be posting more of these soon but I am trying to avoid having the cats totally take over the blog :) (You know who you are)

Coming tomorrow: Pet Meme--"Meow Bloggers", by Anne Douglas.


Anne D said...

My google fu is weak, padawan.

I've signed up, and cool, it gives you all this stuff to ooh and ahh about, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it.

I'm a simple girl, nosy cause I like to know how you get to my site, but otherwise just the relevant how many and where from is fine for me.

Though I'm continually surprised at the amount of visitors I have from the middle east....go figure!

Anne D said...

Meant to say, I use Icerocket most often - it's got simple graphs for a simple me :)

Amanda Young said...

I use sitemeter. It seemed the simplest to install when I was doing my website.

Marilyn Braun said...

I use Statcounter on my blog but just to try it out, I installed Google Analytics on my blog, as well as Sitemeter.

Although people recommend Google, I find it a bit too complicated and Sitemeter seems to be a bit too basic. Statcounter is somewhere in the middle for me and, by using the other two, I still like Statcounter the best.