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Interview With Romance Author, Nancy Lindquist

Good morning, Nancy. Could you tell me a little bit about your current book, How To Conjure A Man?

Sure, it’s the story of Becky Blake. She’s unexpectedly inherited an all male strip club in Las Vegas. It’s doing well, but she’s been so busy working on her business, she’s not had time to find love. I think that’s a common problem for women today.

Becky’s best friend is an Occult Shop owner named, Vivian. Viv has the answer to Becky’s problem. A spell to conjure a man. Becky feels like a dork, but she’s got nothing to lose, so she heads into the desert and casts the spell.

Feeling stupid, and believing she’s wasted time and candles, she heads home and goes to sleep. Then, she dreams of a man, a hot one! When she wakes up, she laughs at herself and heads to work early to interview for the bartending position that just came available. It’s all a mess, till Rick Frazier shows up. Hot, smart and funny, he’s the ideal candidate for the job. Becky also realizes that he’s the guy she saw in her dream. Can Rick Frazier be the man she conjured in the desert ? Is their love real, or the result of a spell cast on a cold, dark night?

What inspired you to become a writer? What type of books do you prefer to read?

My story is pretty typical. I’ve always loved to write and always wanted to write a book, but thought it was something reserved for someone else. Someone with more, talent, smarts, degrees etc. Then, one day, I was lying in bed, reading a Harlequin, when it hit me. I can do this. So, I sat down and wrote my first book. It sucked. I mean it sucked so bad it made a Dyson vacuum cleaner look weak by comparison. I put it out on a critique site and someone did a marvelous critique. Not disparaging, but honest and helpful. I wrote another. This time I felt differently about it. I knew I had something. I cleaned it up, as best I could and submitted it. It got an initial rejection, but the editor invited me to make some changes and re-submit it. I did and it sold.

What do you read, when you're not working?

Everything, but mainly romance. I love series romance, as well as erotic romance. I also have a thing for a well written historical. If it’s romance, I’m there. I also read non fiction books, mostly travel related and classics.

What kind of research went in to the writing of this book?

So many trips to Vegas I lost count. Lots of conversations with a friend who worked in an all male strip club and of course the magickal bent. I didn’t want to write a book that was so involved in magic that the average reader could not get a grasp of it. It was a fine line, but I think I got it right. Becky Blake shows my readers that a little magic can be a beautiful thing.

If there was one message you would want readers to take from this story, what would it be?

That love is worth working for. Whether you cast a spell in a desert, or open your heart to the possibilities around you, love is special and worth fighting for. I think that most romance authors want to share a common belief in a fairytale ending. The world is not always as kind to romance readers, as I wish it would be, but I believe in the search to find someone to grow old with.

What do you feel are the essential elements of a great story?

Interesting characters. Strong women, who know that it’s okay for a man to hold the door for them. Men that know themselves and their limitations, but are willing to stretch them. A good story. I don’t care how hot the sex is, or interesting the scenery, if the plot is boring, I won’t read it. Mostly we want to identify with the characters. No, I don’t want to own a strip club, but I do want to believe that my destiny is in my hands. Like Becky learns in, “Conjure.”

Most of all, I want to be transported. I have four children, a husband, two dogs and two cats. I want a story that will take me away from all this for an hour or two and give me a mental vacation. I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for.

Which author(s) is your favorite? And who has most influenced you work?

That is a long list. I love Madeline L’Engle’s work. I’m also a fan of C. S. Lewis. I started with the, “Chronicles of Narnia” when I was small and now love, “The Screwtape Letters.” On the romance front, Beatrice Small, N.J. Walters, Annmarie Mckenna, AE Rought, Amanda Young, and many more. You’ll probably note that many of these are Samhain Publishing Authors and some of them are pretty new on the romance scene. I love their voices. Not a bit like my own, but they resonate with me.

Could you tell us about your current projects, what can readers expect to see in the coming months?

I have two upcoming Samhain releases. “Ladies! Meet Red Hot Alaskan Men” is going to be part of the Midsummer Night’s Steam series. Chastity Cuthbert is a woman who lives to set up sexy Alaskan single men with lower 48 ladies.

“Lady Lillian’s Guide to Amazing Sex” tells the story of Lisa Simpkins. She’s come home early to find her husband-to-be going at it with a prostitute in a red devil costume who has a very interesting pitchfork. Devastated, she decides what she needs in life is a man to sleep with and nothing more. Will she find it in her law firms youngest partner, Matt?
I’ve also got a few stories out to publishers at the moment and am just waiting to hear on them. As well as ten or so in the works. All my upcoming stories have hot sex and my crazy sense of humor stamped on them.

Thanks Nancy, for taking time out to talk to me. Where can readers find out what’s new and how can they contact you?

I can be reached at and I love e-mail from readers. I also have a website, I keep a blog there that notes the day to day stuff I get into. Thank you! I can’t tell you how much fun this was. I’m home with all the kids today, and I enjoyed the break. They’re happy to be without me. Can’t get into as much trouble when mom’s watching.

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