Sunday, March 11, 2007

[Market] Haworth Press

Time Well Bent: Queer Alternate History
Editor: Sacchi Green
Publisher: Haworth Press, Positronic Division
Payment: $100 for each story
Deadline: June 30

Time Well Bent will be an anthology of speculative fiction in the sub-genre of alternate history, written from GLBTQ perspectives. Imagine some historical event, of great or slight significance, veering off from what is currently recorded, thereby changing history in large or small ways. The alternate sexuality of the protagonists must play an integral part in the course of events. Elements of time travel with the intention of altering history will be a hard sell, but might work. Fantasy could fit when the historical period or cultural setting is appropriate, such as in the Medieval or Renaissance eras, or, as a culture-based example, in a story of Roma (Gypsies) resisting Nazi oppression. This book is not intended to be primarily erotica. Plot, setting, and characterization are the essential elements. Explicit sex is fine, but only if it’s essential to the development of the story.

Story length should be between 3000 and 8000 words. Payment will be $100 for each story. Deadlines: Queries are advisable (to indicating the historical period and gender presentation you want to write about. Final manuscripts must be submitted by June 30. E-mail submissions are acceptable, preferably as RTF attachments. Please put "Time Well Bent" in the subject line.

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Haworth is always a great clip to have--highly respected :)