Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Banner

I am in the final stages of packing up and getting ready to go to Epicon, and of course I can't find my evening dress (here in the backwaters of Indiana it doesn't get much use--and most people will probably mistake it for a costume for Phaze's 80's party). If you bribe me I may post a picture of the veinglorious one in her finery ;) Anyway, if you see me online for the next four days it is probably because I am stuck in an airport, or just don't know how to socialize properly in 'meatspace'.

But before I go I just have to show off our new banner made by the multi-talented Anne Douglas. It will be up on the main site in time for the March 15th launch.


Kis Lee said...

i like the banner. sometimes black and white works best.

have fun at Epicon!

Anne D said...

GO me!