Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pet Meme: Meow Bloggers...

Meow Bloggers.

My Humans address me with the inglorious name of Meowmies, on other days the slightly more regal Puss Puss Mao Mao… sometimes just plain old 'get out of my way you damn Cat'.

You, on the other hand, may call me Princess.

One of my humans has this little past time that equally amuses and frustrates her. I can't fathom it myself; I'd rather spend my time lazing in my box with my favourite blanket, or racing around the house chasing fairies, elves and other figments of my imagination while generally acting deranged, but I digress.

My human -- she goes by the name Anne Douglas some days -- has been busy tapping away at that plastic thing with all those buttons lately, and forgetting all about petting me and just shoving me out of the way of this box thing with the pretty lights. She says she's busy writing -- me, I just think she's a little insane. Not too much though, after all, a Princess as pretty as me can't be associating with those weird, schizophrenic types now can she?

I did notice though, that under this comfy pile of odd assorted paperwork there's a folder with lots of black squiggles and pencil marks - paw prints are much more aesthetically pleasing, by the way -- my human says this is her next book, Tea for Three. I've heard her talking about it, and some say cats are promiscuous - there's men and women and they're all doing some late night caterwauling, together, if you get my drift.

She seems to have a 'thing' for making up stories about guys who love guys who love girls that love guys who love girls and guys - I hope that made as much sense to you as it did to me.

I can't read to give you a blow by blow -- Puuleeease…I'm a cat, of course I can't read. (I've contracted my memoirs out to these lizards -- Loowis and Loosey -- I promised a ceasefire on their gecko cousins in the back yard in payment…again I'm digressing; my human has a habit of this too).

So…I can't read, but I do have ears and whooeee! I can tell you those aforesaid appendages get to burning when she starts muttering passages to herself. She just finished up this little story call Making Out - some Rites of Spring thing where these guys (and a girl, lucky her!) that were in her first book showed up again -- there was a truck, and some sex, and some cops…

I better not tell you too much though, Princess needs a new bowl of cat food so I better not let the dog off the leash and tell you how it ends, My human has to pay the bills somehow! Though I will say hot, hot, hot.

Did I mention Hot? And it's not just cause I wear real fur in Florida.

I must run, daaarlinks, I sense a new piece of furniture I must go scratch at.

This entry Courtesy of Anne Douglas: home, blog.

Pete Meme entries: cats (2), dogs (1), others (0). More entries please, there is a prize basket involved ;)

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veinglory said...

Actually three prize baskets :)

p.s. that cat actually *smirking*?