Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pet Meme: Scotty a.k.a. Killer

Cat: Ripley, Princess, Molly
Dogs: Scotty
Other: 0

...and now our first dog-view :) p.s. The EREC Team will choose the final prize winners but if you have a favorite, do let us know. p.p.s. Still no entires in the 'other' category, where are all you rat, ferret or hermit crab types?

My name is Scotty aka Killer. I am a fox terrier-cross dog, and I live in New Zealand with Shelley Munro and her husband. Actually, I've spent quite some time training them. They're almost perfect now, providing food and walks whenever I need them. Because of me Shelley sold her first book, TALKING DOGS, ALIENS AND PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS to Ellora's Cave. It happened like this:

Shelley was sitting at the breakfast bar tapping away on her laptop and hunger pangs struck me. I needed food right then. Shelley thought she was smart--writing a story about aliens crash landing in New Zealand, and when I came along and barked for food, she wrote:

“Come on out with your fingers poked inside your ears,” Janaya ordered, aiming her neutralizing weapon at the dark green bushes that had moved.

“That would be, hands in the air,” her aunt said.

Janaya shrugged, not taking her eyes off the leafy plant. “Whatever. I have a weapon. Come out.”

The fern leaves shook, dried leaves crackled underfoot. Janaya's outstretched hand never wavered, the heavy weapon still pointing at the bushes.

“Don't shoot.” A black nose thrust past a lacy fern leaf.

Janaya's eyes widened.

A black face with black eyes poked into view. “Are ya gonna shoot?”

“Janaya put the weapon down. It's a dog. Nothing to get trigger-happy about.”

“Yeah,” the little dog said. It stepped into full view. The dog stood below knee height and had white fur peppered liberally with black spots. It trotted closer, tail wagging. “Do ya have any food?”

Shelley wanted to delete me from her story but Janaya and Hinekiri, the aliens took a liking to me and decided I should stay. They let me change my name to Killer. I became the talking dog and played an important part in the story. I even had the very last line in the book:

Killer was quiet for a moment then Janaya heard her say, “Do ya have any food?”

The book turned out pretty good, but it's not surprising with me as the star. I liked it so much I've hung around for a couple of sequels and I've modeled for the covers. You can find my Talking Dogs books at Ellora's Cave and my first two stories are out in a print anthology. Shelley called the print book ROMANCING THE ALIEN. I've even won some awards for Shelley (an eCataromance Reviewer's Choice Award, we finaled in the paranormal category of the EPPIES and scored a 4 ½ star review in RT Book Reviews) so I think the book about talking dogs, aliens and purple people eaters turned out okay. Five paws from me.


veinglory said...

He certainly has do-ya-have-any-food eyes LOL

Shelley Munro said...

Thanks for posting Scotty's post. Scotty is a she, and she really DOES demand food all the time. She's good at it, too!

veinglory said...

Apologies to Scotty :)