Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Promo Meme (I)

Here is the first in out series of 'Pet Promo' posts contributed by Sapphire, I mean Ripley!

We are inviting writers to send in their reviews or promo posts, written from the point of view of your pet. You can either send it to me at ERECmail at, or blog it and send me a link. If you blog for EREC please post it here! Pictures of the pet reading the book are a appreciated :)

The best reviews (as chosen by the EREC-Team) in the categories of cat, dog and other animal will get a pet treat gift basket--winners will be chosen once I have at least three entries in each category. If you intend to send an entry let me know and I will be sure to wait until it is in.

Entries: cat (1), dog (0), other (0).

Merowwwwww. . . Good, the coast is clear. Hi, the name's Ripley. I snuck on the computer while Sapphire Phelan went somewhere with Bill. Sapphire Phelan belongs to me. Well, actually her husband, Bill, belongs to me. Sapphire just comes as part of the package. Decided I would read one of her erotic stuff. Wanted to see what humans enjoy. Us cats, we like our bowl full of food, a nice, comfy place in the sun, maybe a mouse (if they ever let me out of the house to go hunt one down) and for me most of all, allowing Bill to have me on his lap and let him pet me over and over, especially scratching my ears.

But you know, I checked out Sapphire's story, "Soul Seduction" in Forbidden Love: Bad Boys. Not bad, not bad at all. On a scale of one paw to ten it's a ten! Good as that kitty food they buy me. And definitely as good as Bill's scratching my ears is! Believe me, that takes a lot to consider anything as good as that. Wish that Branigan Darkman was a tomcat. Oh, that's right--they got me fixed years ago. Doesn't mean can't do it--just no plumbing. Heh heh.

The rest of the book has purrfectly super stories too. Each and every one, hot, hot, hot! Makes a cat just wanted to roll over on her back and lay in a bit of sun, pretending got some catnip and purr, purr, purr . . .

Rowwll!!! Anyway, gotta run. The humans are back.

Hope Sapphire doesn't find that hair ball I upchucked on her laptop.


Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! WOW, that cat has a way with words...

The picture you added was a bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

The cat needs its own blog! LOL! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ripley is such a little princess. But we love her here.
Sapphire Phelan