Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pete Meme: Sydney

Cat: Ripley, Princess, Molly
Dogs: Scotty, Sydney
Other: 0<--I'm on the verge of cancelling this category unless someone enters!

Mom already knew I loved to watch TV, but I don't think she realized I'm an avid eBook reader too. (I also like print books. They're tasty.) That's why she'll be surprised to find out that I read her short story from The Wild Rose Press, Love In Shadow, which comes out March 23.

I have to say... it sucked. There were no Frisbees, no bacon, not even a good tennis ball chase. Fine, I guess if you like romantic stories and fairies without wings, and castles and horses, you might think it was pretty great. It did have all that stuff. And even I, Madame Silly Dog, got a little foggy-eyed at the end. But come on. No BACON? Mom, I love you, but stick with the belly rubs and treat-giving, ok?

Sydney, Sonja Foust's faithful (most of the time) friend

(From Emily: For more about Sydney see Sonja Foust's blog. p.s. Sorry I took almost a week longer to get this posted than I promised!)

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