Friday, March 16, 2007

Please Remember to Update Your Sales Figures :)

The little wiggly graph lines tell me that the average sales figures for the erotic romance ebooks reported to me are 97 copies in the first month, 282 copies in the first year and 344 in total. If you want to be part of the estimate all you need to send me is this:

Publisher Name:
Copies Sold in the First Month:
Copies Sold in total to date:
---and if you have it----
Copies Sold in the First Year:
Copies Sold to the End of the Contract:

email veinglory at

If you have updates, please let me know. So far only a few figures are posted but in many cases I only need one more report to make up a publisher average (based on 5+ books from 3+ authors).

p.s. what screen width do you people use? I am unsure how large I can make the graph without making some of you scroll right. Anyone still at 600 pixels wide or are we all at 800 and above?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone read this blog? No comments!

veinglory said...

Just in case that is a serious question, you can always check our visitor numbers here:

Anonymous said...

I do!

veinglory said...

We do seem to have slumped a bit since I deleted the old website and blog (they googled better than these ones do--but I hope they will do better ove time).